Spoon Full O’Moon – Christmas Cooking Class

Spoon Full O’Moon – Christmas Cooking Class

Last week I capured the plant-based cooking class in the garden organized by Baran of @spoonfullomoon. This one was very special because it was twist on Christmasy recipes to inspire us and bring festive vegetarian dishes to our seasonal gatherings this year!

All food was local vegan, gluten free and organic.

First, it was time to pick some fresh greens in the garden.

Delicious and fresh ingredients only!

Everyone had their task from washing the salad to cut the bread to make croutons or prepare he dressing for the caesar salad (that was delish!).

The main dish were stuffed potatoes with mushroom and a cranberry sauce that was to die for. TADA!

Thanks everyone for making the best meal!

And bravo to the best and cutest hosts!

Get in touch with @spoonfullomoon to join their next cooking class in the garden and learn how to easily prepare plant-based food.

Need a photographer for an event? Get in touch with me!

Adele xx

Adèle Chrétien
Adèle Chrétien

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