Photo of Adèle

Meet Adele

I am passionate about creating visual stories, I love helping my clients find their voice on social media through pictures and visuals.

Born and raised in France, I started to travel the world when I was 15. Since then I’ve always taken the opportunities that I encountered on my journey. I lived in Australia and Northern Ireland before settling down in Mallorca, Spain.

After studying Digital Design at Ulster University (Northern Ireland), I started working as a digital marketing intern and then as an assistant for a fashion designer in Mallorca. I then decided to open my own business, Yello There, to assist small business owners and entrepreneurs and help them manage their social media channels.

Behind the name Yello There

Yello There is a play on words between ‘Hello There’ and the yellow colour. ‘Hello’ is a nod to Adele, the singer, as every time I introduce myself, people are referring to her song ‘Hello’. Also, Yellow is my favorite colour because it reminds me of the sunshine.

Follow my adventures on instagram @adelewanders