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Festa de la Llum at Palma Cathedral

Twice a year, on 02/02 and 11/11, the reflection of the Roseta is perfectly aligned with the one on the opposite wall, creating the illusion of the number 8. You can find more information about this phenomenon here.

The first time I went, a big cloud appeared just before it was supposed to happen so I couldn’t see it. This year I didn’t believe it would happen as the day was not a sunny one but, miracle, just for 30 minutes, the sun was shining and we were able to witness the light show.

It was truly magical, the reflection of the lights on the wall of the cathedral made me feel so happy and lucky to be able to see such beauty.

Doors of the Cathedral open at 7.30am and this happens between 8am and 9am.

Watch this video from 02/02/202 Festa de la Llum

European Hot Air Balloon Championships in Mallorca

Last month, I was so lucky to witness a 100 hot air balloons taking off as the sun was rising, it was one of those magical moment, when you wish the time would stop. But it doesn’t, so the best you can do is to enjoy every second of it!

Mallorca was the host to the 2019 European Hot Air Balloon Championships in October, unfortunately, the weather was quite crappy and with all the wind and rain they didn’t manage to fly for a few days. Which made it even more special when, on the last weekend, we drove to the countryside of the island when it was still very dark (and cold), and we arrived on the field to see all the balloons getting ready to take off as the sky was turning into different shades of pink and blue.

We climbed the near-by hill as the first balloons started to fly and we weren’t ready for what we were about to see: one by one, a 100 hot air balloon started to take off and fill the sky with colours, while the sun was slowly rising and showing its first rays behind a hill.

And soon the sky was filled with all the balloons.  

After this magical show, we started to drive back and found ourselves following the route of the balloons, once again it was very special to see all the balloons in the sky as we were driving. We made a stop to take it all in, it was unbelievable.

If you want to see more, check my video:

If you’re interested in flying in a hot air balloon over Mallorca, check Mallorca Balloons.